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If I fits, I sits


I will never get tired of this picture


have u ever had a depersonalization moment when you look at yourself in the mirror and think wow this person is me and i have this body and this life and everything feels so strange why am i me and not someone else

That is the exact opposite…

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Growing up I thought being in love was red roses, dates on Saturday nights, pretty jewelry, Friday night movie premiers, kisses in the rain, and boxes that held expensive things. I thought true love was a story with a picture perfect ending. Now that I’m older I’ve realized it’s not that at all. True love isn’t something you find in a Disney movie. Being in love is screaming at 5 AM till you cry out of anger, but knowing they won’t leave. It’s saving each other’s selfies, good or bad, just to look at them because you miss each other. It’s being comfortable enough to talk about anything. It’s saying all the wrong things at the wrong moments. It’s leaving someone in complete control of your heart, but trusting them not to break you. It’s screaming the lyrics to your favorite songs together. It’s honesty even when it hurts and sarcasm when they’re sad. It’s lame jokes and sleepless nights. It’s fights and make up sex. It’s hour long showers and breakfast in the morning. It’s all night phone calls instead of texting. It’s the small things. It’s coffee shop dates and finding new books to read. It’s holding hands and kissing ever so passionately. It’s being able to sit at home just basking in the presence of someone you love with every fiber of your being. It’s wanting to share every moment with that one person. It’s finding yourself awake at 3 AM craving them asleep next to you. It’s little nick names and making fun of each other. It’s being called things like ‘little shit’ or ‘baby’ or ‘love of my life.’ It’s being able to fall asleep knowing that person will still be there in the morning. It’s being apart and knowing nothing will change. It’s deep talks at 6 AM. It’s days full of laughter and tears. It’s capturing the world’s beauty though their eyes. It’s not about the sex or the gifts, it’s about finding someone who pours their love into your deepest cracks making you whole once again. It’s feeling part of you missing when you’re apart. It’s finally being able to love yourself even half as much as that person loves you. Love is the only thing left in the world worth fighting for. Don’t you dare settle for a boy who makes you feel good for a night, or a girl who boosts your ego at a party. Mindfucking love is the holy grail of all love. Being in love will fuck you up in more ways than you can imagine and it’s absolutely fucking heart-wrenching, but at the same time it’s the most beautiful thing in the world.
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hi hey hello pay attention to me


so the deadline for my deposit has been moved up which means I need about 300$ by 15 march

so! commissions! i actually figured out base pricing! yay!

[[this will only be for basic digital sketches; yes i’m still offering everything else but since this is the most popular, that’s what i’m…


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'is that your queue or are you ignoring me' a novel by me

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dear fucking tumblr

this is a fucking bumblebee


this is a fucking bee


this is a fucking hornet


this is a fucking wasp


as you can fucking see the longer their legs are and the less fuzzy they are is equivalent to how fucking evil they fucking are

I feel like I just watched a step by step pokemon evolution

highchooseyou gunpointthief

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Anonymous: I was really disappointed when I came across your personal tumblr/insta. I'd seen a lot of pictures of your face before and you gave off this gorgeous, mysterious, magical girl aura. But actually you're the opposite - I've seen your ass a trillion times; it turns out you're just another basic Internet faux-model. I've seen all of you, you've exposed yourself thoroughly, and now all interest is lost. Oh well. You're still pretty I guess




I’m really glad you don’t think I’m mysterious anymore, I’d much rather be a real person than someone else’s pretentious fantasy.

More importantly, I can assure you that if you think you know all of someone because they’ve ‘exposed’ themselves, you are really missing some of the best bits.

Why do anons think their opinions matter? Why does ANYONE think their opinions matter? This is so unbelievably pathetic, it’s funny.

Babliest of babes, right here.


repeat after me

if a bi, pan, or asexual person dates someone of the opposite gender


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No! Not the denim!
highchooseyou making fun of gunpointthief and his jeans.
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